Meet Hayden

Hayden YoungDecember 1, 2020

Hi! I'm Hayden Young, and I own Deadhead.Design.

My story, or the interesting part at least, begins in middle school. I was granted a scholarship to attend an aviation summer camp the great folks at the Aviation Museum of Kentucky put on. We spent the week learning about flying, and it woke something up in me.

For the rest of my childhood, I kept up with the industry. I worked to learn anything I could, fly my home flight simulator, and work around airplanes. In high school, I attended an aviation program to start to prepare for my pilot license. Later taking lessons, I soloed at 16 years old and got my certificate at 17.

Despite only planning on flying as a hobby, the industry extended me multiple very lucky opportunities to make it a career. First by sharing my passion for flying with my students as a flight instructor, then flying private jets, and eventually operating the CRJ series of airliners for a regional airline.

When I found myself made redundant in the Fall of 2020, I decided to start my own business. The reasons for doing so are numerous, but I really just wanted to be back in a position to have a strong positive impact on people.

I live in the Lexington area, and try to stay active in the community. The small business community in Lexington is very welcome, and for that I am thankful. In my time off, I enjoy cooking, biking, camping, photography, and a cold Ale-8-One.

Let's have a chat sometime!