Small Business Review Marketing

Hayden YoungDecember 11, 2020

What is review marketing?

Getting started in review marketing is as simple as asking your happy clients to post their good reviews online. It's free and one of the most impactful things you can do for your digital marketing strategy.

Why it's important

It's no secret that, for most small businesses, word of mouth is the biggest source of new business. However, these referred customers will still be doing their research. More often than not, this research is happening online.

Statistics show that folks trust online reviews as much as, or more than, a personal recommendation from a friend. That makes it vital to be proactive about what people will see when they look up your business online.

Unfortunately, very few people will leave us a good review entirely organically. Statistics place this close to 20%. We can increase this dramatically by specifically asking for good reviews.

Bad reviews are a good thing

Of course, active or organic, we can't bet on every review we get being a positive one. Maybe one customer has had a bad experience. Someone might even leave our business a review by mistake when they have never worked with us!

When we aren't doing active review marketing, these bad reviews will likely begin to outway our good reviews! That's bad, of course. With our active efforts, this is not likely.

When we have consistent, up-to-date good reviews, it allows us to relax when a bad one comes in. Instead of being disappointed or hurt by it, we can use this feedback to improve our business.

How to do it

The first step to start review marketing is to look at where we are today. Let's check back on this often, as well. This helps us gauge the effectiveness of our different techniques with our audience.

Ask your customers for reviews! Most happy customers will be glad to leave you one but might not do so without being asked.

This can be as simple as asking them at the point of sale, or you could consider including a note in the packaging. In serviced based businesses, it might make sense to ask for a review after the relationship has been in place for some time.

Consider encouraging reviews by picking exceptional ones to highlight on your social media with a personal callout.

Also, aggregate your reviews across platforms and your website when possible. Some tools are available to automate this process.

And lastly, consider some outside help, like working with Deadhead.Design for your review marketing. Experts know the most current techniques for your industry and market.