Locally Managed Hosting

Deploying a new website can be a daunting task. Deadhead.Design can help you put your beautiful new website online, with managed hosting.

No need to waste time emailing back and forth trying to solve problems, or worrying if you're being overcharged. From selecting solutions and deploying to monitoring security and making regular backups, we take care of all the hard work.

Save money by only paying for what you actually need.

We can host any site, including fully static, JAM stack, PHP, and Node systems. This includes WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and many more popular CMS platforms. And it's fully featured, including free custom domain business email, storage, and traffic monitoring with some plans.

Pair Deadhead.Design's managed hosting with our SEO and custom web development services. Keeping your website hosting, development, and SEO under one roof saves you time and money. We can work without delays, and you don't have to play the middle man communicating between companies.

Does your business already have a website? We can take over the management of an existing website, including moving it over to our servers. Your users won't be interrupted.

Learn more about our services today.

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